Our Mission
To improve the quality of life to our customers by:

  - Enhancing economic well-being
  - Strengthening families
  - Coordinating services
  - Promoting equity

Our Core Values
Respect, Responsibility and Professionalism

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Managed Care Information

Consumers can use the www.ohiomcec.com website to search for all doctors accepting both MCPs in the NE region.

Here are more important links to information about Managed Care Plans:
  1. Managed Care Plans 
  2. Plans Available to You 
  3. Exclusions 
  4. Optional Enrollment 
  5. Choosing an MCP 
  6. Changing Your MCP 
  7. Your Rights 
  8. Special Services
  9. Additional Services 
  10. Obtaining Services 
  11. Transitioning from Regular Medicaid to an MCP 
  12. Transportation 
  13. Contact Information 
  14. Please keep in mind