Our Mission
To improve the quality of life to our customers by:

  - Enhancing economic well-being
  - Strengthening families
  - Coordinating services
  - Promoting equity

Our Core Values
Respect, Responsibility and Professionalism

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Important Phone Numbers

Cuyahoga Benefits Application Hotline  216-416-4440

Listed by Cuyahoga County Job and Family Service Center (NFSC) site

Quincy Place 216-391-5027
Old Brooklyn 216-635-2918
Southgate 216-518-4862
Virgil Brown 216-987-6782
Westshore 216-939-2523

Online Application Status Message Line 216-592-4870
Managed Care Enrollment Center 1-800-605-3040
Healthchek Information 1-800-324-8680
ABD Medicaid Information 216-987-7000