Our Mission
To improve the quality of life to our customers by:

  - Enhancing economic well-being
  - Strengthening families
  - Coordinating services
  - Promoting equity

Our Core Values
Respect, Responsibility and Professionalism

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Healthy Start Goals

The overall goals of the Healthy Start program are to:
  • Educate its members, the public at large, federal, state and local policy makers and elected officials on the need for an effectiveness of community-based programs to reduce infant mortality, low birth weight, and racial disparities in prenatal outcomes
  • Provide a nationwide communication and technical assistance network for the exchange and dissemination of "models that work"
  • Increase public awareness concerning the needs of pregnant women, infants, children and families
  • Identify common factors that impact material and child health status and develop strategies to sustain Healthy Start and other community-based maternal and child health program
  • Collect and analyze data and public reports on evaluation finding and lessons learned from Healthy Start programs