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To improve the quality of life to our customers by:

  - Enhancing economic well-being
  - Strengthening families
  - Coordinating services
  - Promoting equity

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Application Status Phone Numbers

If you applied for Healthy Start and would like to know the status of your application, please call the phone number below to speak with a representative from the Neighborhood Family Service Center.

Fairfax 8111 Quincy Avenue (216) 391-5027
Old Brooklyn 4261 Fulton Parkway (216) 635-2918
Southgate 5398 1/2 Northfield Road (216) 518-4862
Virgil Brown 1641 Payne Avenue (216) 987-6782
Westshore 9830 Lorain Avenue (216) 939-2523

If you applied online, please call the phone number below to leave a message. Your call will be returned within 24 hours.


If you have a question concerning the processing or eligibility determination of your Healthy Start application, please call our Customer Relations Unit at the appropriate Neighborhood Family Service Center:



Fairfax (216) 391-4547
Old Brooklyn (216) 635-2937
Southgate (216) 518-4814
Virgil E. Brown (216) 987-8274
Westshore (216) 939-2482
Healthy Start/Child Care Programs (216) 987-8659

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